Lesson #006 : Playing with Planes..

Signage doesn’t always need to be on one plane, it can go around corners in the x, y and z planes and people will, in most cases, still perceive the message. More >>

Montreal, Canada
Montreal , Canada

Montréal  really does give new meaning to the word diversity, the theme for the 2011 SEGD Conference which the city was hosting. See Montreal , Canada

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Main ID Signage, TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre, Toronto.
Bell Lightbox Theatre

David Gibson suggested our visit to the Bell Lightbox Theatre in Toronto. It is a building that has been transformed in part by the signage, designed by Gottschalk & Ash, as the home of the Toronto International Film Festival. More >>

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Weill Cornell Medical Center survey on Pictograms. Courtesy of http://citizenrd.com/projects/weill-cornell-med-center-2
Sylvia Harris SEGD Speech

I was particularly inspired by the closing address of the SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design) Conference 2011 by Sylvia Harris of Citizen Research and Design. More >>

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Haleiwa Joes. Hale'iwa, Hawaii.
Hanging in Haleiwa

On our stay in Oahu, we were based near Hale’iwa on the North Shore. The North Shore is home to surfing’s most famous beaches and snow cones. Hale’iwa the town, is charming and just a little bit dusty. More >>

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